State of the Race

Chris Banweg is a Colonel in the Marine Corps running for Ohio’s 13th Congressional District. His family fled Communist Yugoslavia after World War II, which lead Chris to lead a life of public service. He has served in active duty overseas through three combat deployments in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Middle East. In his civilian life, he serves as a high-level executive with a medical device company, after previously serving in executive roles in the manufacturing and banking sectors.

Since announcing for Congress, Col. Banweg has earned the endorsement of Ohio’s Republican Sen. JD Vance, as well as Congressmen Jake Ellzey, Jack Bergman, and Mike Gallagher, all of whom are veterans. Chris Banweg is running a campaign focused on reducing inflation, fighting crime, and sealing our southern border. As a counter-insurgency specialist, he has spent years focusing on rebuilding governments overseas. Now, he is working to bring those skills to Congress.

Chris Banweg’s opponent is a career politician, a former lobbyist, and had previously described himself as the primary person in Ohio working for Ron DeSantis’ efforts to get on the ballot.

The Banweg campaign believes that when Republican primary voters learn about Chris’ personal story, endorsements from Sen. JD Vance, focus on the above issues through targeted mail pieces, and clear contrast with his career politician opponent, his compelling campaign narrative will win the Republican nomination for the OH-13th Congressional District.